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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Churchill Class: Miss. Collishaw (Year Lead)

Mandela Class: Miss. Hunter

Pankhurst Class: Miss. Williamson



What impact can one person have on our world?

For our final History project, the year 6 pupils worked in groups (or on their own if they chose to) to research a key historical figure and their impact on the world as we know it today. They began by researching key dates, facts and vocabulary before presenting this information onto their own knowledge organisers. The research that the pupils conducted was split into section: background information, including their upbringing and education; the key events in their life; their impact on their country (what happened or changed as a result of those events); the challenges or difficulties that they overcame. The end product of this research was a TED-talk video to inform their audience about their chosen historical person and the impact they had at the time. To accompany these videos, they also wrote informative essays which answered the key question and created some illustrations, too! The year 6 pupils did a fantastic job! Some of the photos of their work can be seen below. We have included an example video below but head over to the 'video resource centre' (see the link below) if you would like to watch some of their TED-talk videos!


Still image for this video

Science - dissecting a lamb's heart


We are learning about the heart and its role in the circulatory system over the next few weeks. This week, in one of our science lessons, we had a go at dissecting a lamb's heart in small groups so we could see the four chambers of the heart and how the blood is normally pumped around the body. We identified the different chambers used this information to help us draw detailed diagrams afterwards. The year 6 pupils enjoyed this thoroughly and got truly stuck in!

Cross-curricular writing: explanatory texts about the heart and its role in the circulatory system.

Art Week

As it was Black History week, in art we looked at the work of Emory Douglas, who was an activist born in the 1940s. His graphic work was featured in most issues of the Black Panther Newspaper and his work focused on issues regarding inequality and social justice. We started the week with some colour mixing, before we painted our backgrounds with bold colours: we used masking tape to ensure the lines were straight. We used polystyrene and black ink to create the print in the middle and developed our own quotes based on the key themes of tolerance, equality and diversity. All of the pupils were ecstatic with their final piece and you can check some of these out on the video below.


Still image for this video

Pine Lakes Residential


Year 6 were lucky enough to go on a two night residential to Pine Lakes in Derbyshire this half term. They took part in a range of activities, which included archery, bushcraft, fishing, canoeing, sport games, crafts, and even nerf gun wars! They even had an allocated space for 'free time' each day, where they could play board games video games, pool, table tennis and many more. We had a fantastic time: the children had the opportunity to learn new skills and developed a sense of team work during their stay. Well done Year 6, you did the school proud! 


We have learning all about WW2 and our key question for History is, 'Did WW2 prove people to be inherently good or bad?' As part of this topic we have learned about the Blitz: we listened to the warning sirens and imagined what it must have felt like to take shelter whilst the German bombs were destroying our cities. We closed all of the blinds to mimic the 'blackout' and took shelter under our desks. We then worked in groups to come up with key words and phrases before coming up with a joint setting description that we shared with the rest of the class.

The Holocaust Centre 

As part of our History topic, we were lucky enough to get a virtual experience from the Holocaust Centre, where we learned all about the discrimination that Jewish people had to encounter across Europe during Hiter's rule. We were taken on a journey to learn about what life was like for a Jewish boy called Leo and discussed how he must have felt when he was sent away from his family and onto the Kindertransport to England for his own safety. We were also lucky enough to listen to Henri's story, who was a survivor from the Holocaust.

Taster Day at NK


The year 6 pupils had a taster day at NK last week. They experienced a day in the life of a secondary school pupil. They took part in a History lesson, where they learned about The Battle of the Somme and took part in a class 'court case' to decide is General Haig was guilty or not. They then took part in a dance lesson, where they worked in small groups to learn a popular TikTok dance. Finally, they took part in a PE lesson, where they played some tag rugby and practised their tackling skills. The children had a great day and even got to eat pizza and chips from the canteen at lunch time.