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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Churchill Class: Miss Collishaw

Mandela Class: Mr. Belt (Year lead)

Pankhurst Class: Miss. Williamson


Knowledge Organisers & Revision February 2020

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Bedrock Vocabulary!


Spelling Shed


Curiosity Club!



Maths - Fractions Revision


Following our Effective Maths Unit of Money & Decimals. Students have been revising their knowledge by looking at various resources & also SATs Style problems!

History Essays!

Following our incredible History topic of Civil Rights, we wrote our essays over two days. Following this, we then reviewed & edited them against a check list. Through peer editing, we were able to improve the quality, content & accuracy of our essays!




This week, we've been getting our heads around longitude & latitude before assessing our learning through custom games of Battleships. Following this, we've been learning about four to six-figure grid references as well as Ordnance Survey Symbols!

NSPCC - Workshops


This afternoon, we've had Workshops from the NSPCC. We have been learning what is 'not okay' and what is 'okay', as well as learning the terminology of Neglect, Sexual Abuse & Emotional Abuse. 

We then had the opportunity to identify people, places and things which made us feel happy & that we deemed to be safe. 



Our RESCUE spellings are in full swing! From Year 3 - 6 statutory words right through to Spelling words, we are revising & practicing relentlessly!


Preparations for Art Week!


Next week, we are going to be producing artwork for the local Sam Scorer gallery. In order to prepare, we've been looking at both local & national architecture, sketching techniques as well as revisiting colour pallets to ensure that we have everything in place for our acrylic landscapes!


Science Fair!


We used our previously learning of electricity and light to develop experiments to express our knowledge! Real Scientists were among the judges, from the University of Lincoln's STEM Department. We had a huge range of experiments and not one the same! An excellent, empowering mini - project & we're very excited for Art week too!

LIVES Workshops


This week, we've been learning life-saving skills through local LIVES volunteers!

We focused upon four key areas:

  • What to do if we come across someone who is unconscious & breathing: RECOVERY
  • What to do if we come across someone who is unconscious and not breathing: CPR
  • What to do if we come across someone who is choking! 
  • We also learnt about how to use community defibrillators!


Such essential skills! Thank you LIVES 


You can support &  learn more about LIVES here:


Science - Learning about light.


To launch our new Science topic, students have been learning about light and the way in which light waves travel. We linked our vocabulary words: translucent, transparent & opaque to our new learning. As well as a mini experiment assessing our peers' pupils and their reactions to light, we also looked at silhouettes and conducted an experiment to understand the impact of shadows if the source of light alters in distance. 

Y6 Poetry Performance - October 2019!


After collaborating our Poems & then collating songs using GarageBand, we performed these to parents!

Every student was involved, some read out facts on their classes' Lost Word, others read their individual poems & all read our their class poem!


Well done Year 6! So many parents attended to enjoy our hard work! What a great unit of work!




The Lost Words

*NEW* Science: Light & Electricity Knowledge Organiser!

*NEW* Science: Light & Electricity Knowledge Organiser!  1

Poetry - The Lost Words

This week, we've been learning all about 'The Lost Words', written by Robert Macfarlane & Jackie Morris.


In classes, we delved into individual spell songs (Adder, Willow & Bluebell) before creating our own, free-verse poems. After, we selected our individual favourite lines before collaborating them into a class poem to rehearse, next week we'll be performing these and our GarageBand accompaniments to parents!

Walesby Forest - Year 6 Residential!

Last week, we travelled to Walesby Forest for a two-night stay, taking part in LOADS of different activities!


From abseiling, right through to rifling and even a torch-lit walk, we conquered our fears, embraced new challenges and supported one another along the way. Staying in dormitories with our peers helped to develop our independence away from home, with strict room inspections keeping us in check!


We had a fantastic time & we will be writing up some reflections later in the year. Stay tuned for a photo-gallery!


Thank you Walesby Forest!


Curiosity Club!


This week, we welcomed John back to Manor Leas Junior Academy to re-launch Curiosity Club!

In a world where cultural capital could take over and vocabulary could become challenging, we're re-starting our Curiosity journeys to learn more about history across the world, showing off our new knowledge in many different ways!

Here we go!

Place Value!


We've hit the ground running with our Effective Maths! 

Using concrete resources & articulating them into problems, we built our confidence for ordering and comparing numbers ahead of our end of Unit Assessments next week!



Year 6 2019/2020 Curriculum Event


SPaG Cycle

SPaG Cycle 1