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Challenge Partners

Manor Leas Junior Academy is a member of the Challenge Partners Network of Excellence. The Network of Excellence is a national school improvement network, led by schools, which improves performance through effective challenge and support. It is made up of over 350 schools across the country and pivots around an annual peer-review. This is where school leaders review each other’s schools nationally. Each school also works with others in a local hub to share expertise and address challenges.


Check out our External Validation page to find out about our last review and what leaders around the country think about Manor Leas Junior Academy.

Challenge Partners Lincolnshire Hub

Manor Leas Junior Academy is part of the Challenge Partners Lincolnshire Hub! We work with schools in Lincolnshire to develop and share best practice in the sector.


Are you interested in becoming a member of the Lincolnshire Hub of schools? Join us on our journey to improve outcomes for the pupils of Lincolnshire! Contact Chelsea Sandbrook, Hub Manager at Manor Leas Junior Academy at 01522 881370.