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It's an exciting time for English at Manor Leas Junior Academy. Ever since the introduction of Active English, the children's knowledge and application of grammatical terms has improved significantly. At the start of every English lesson, each class takes part in a 15 minute Active English session where the children are required to recall the grammatical terms, read and respond to a piece of text and the apply this knowledge into a sentence of their own. This sessions is very interactive and the younger ones can even be found using actions to help them remember the terms. This improved knowledge of grammar is having a positive impact on the children's writing. 

We all know that reading is the crux of all learning. As a school, we work hard to encourage a love of reading for all children and expose them to different texts as often as we can. The school is also following a RIC reading approach in comprehension lessons. The children are aware of the difference between retrieval questions (R), interpret questions (I), authorial choice questions (C) and how to answer them. Across the school, you will find different year groups teaching reading with a specific focus to ensure the children are competent with the different reading skills. Accelerated Reader also ensures that children are exposed to a range of books which are appropriate to their reading ability and they are encouraged to regularly quiz and progress through the different 'levels'.