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Our Philosophy

Mathematics at Manor Leas Junior Academy aims to develop children's conceptual understanding and skills proficiency which is underpinned by a strong commitment to problem solving, reasoning and fluency.   This crucial life skill is developed through daily maths lessons and cross-curricular opportunities.


As children progress through the different stages at Manor Leas they are exposed to conceptual ideas at a concrete level with a range of apparatus (e.g. counters, beads, Numicon and Base Ten) before moving on pictorial representations. This may mean diagrams, sketches or using the Singapore bar model. Doing so develops children’s deep conceptual understanding and skills proficiency which supports the next move into abstract mathematics, such as long multiplication.   The children are able to make independent choices about the types of apparatus they may need and an ability to select the most appropriate strategy to solve a problem.


Maths lessons are designed to be interactive and collaborative with a significant emphasis on children’s talk, where children are encouraged to take risks.  Through discussing their ideas (explaining, justifying and proving), children construct new understanding, engage in a supportive community of practice and take responsibility for their learning.   Problem solving and reasoning are developed in contexts that are both purposeful and relevant to the child which may include low threshold, high ceiling learning opportunities to both support and challenge the pupils.    This environment, which allows children to learn from their mistakes, enables all the children at Manor Leas to make progress and build their self-esteem in this subject.




‘Effective Maths’, which is now fully embedded across the school, is a mastery approach to the teaching of maths.  Teaching and learning focuses on developing the children’s procedural and conceptual understanding whilst embedding key learning through the use variation, patterns and relationships.    ‘Effective Maths’ is a Shanghai-style mastery approach to teaching.  This focuses on depth rather than breadth.  Conceptual understanding and fluency is strengthened through the use of concrete, visual and more abstract representations during a lesson.   Children are taught a concept and shown it in many different ways.  Once the children understand the concept they should be able to explain their understanding using the correct mathematical language and apply their knowledge in different contexts.   Lessons are also supported by 'Effective Maths - The Quiz Site' This provides the children with the opportunity to develop and review their knowledge and understanding of a unit. 




Tackling Tables


By the end of year 4 (age 9) all children should know their tables and the corresponding division facts “off by heart.”

Tackling tables is designed to help children develop instant recall. There are three sets of coloured cards.

Blue: 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x – these should be known by the end of year 2- age 7.

Green: 3x,4x, and 8x – these should be known by the end of year 3- age 8

Red: 6x, 7x,9x,11x and 12x- these should be known by the end of year 4 –age 9


The simplicity of the cards means that the children really focus on learning their times tables and their inverse. They enjoy the competitive element of using the cards. It is a progressive resource that is simple to use but very effective.