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Student Council

We believe it is important to empower all pupils to develop into confident individuals who understand how our modern British political system works. Our Student Council has been drastically redesigned and updated to reflect the needs of our pupils and school. At Manor Leas Junior Academy, our Student Council meets weekly on a Friday and involves ALL pupils in the school. Here's how it works:


Each pupil has been assigned to a 'Ministry' which is led by a class teacher throughout the school. Each Ministry will consist of pupils from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 and will focus on an area of development for the school. These development areas have been determined from pupil voice and the School Improvement Plan. Minutes are taken each week and Action Plans are developed for any large projects. These documents are the responsibility of the children within the Ministry.


Half termly, each Ministry will hold a vote for one member of their department to attend the Ministry of Leadership Meeting. This meeting will be with members of the Pupil Leadership Team, Senior Leadership Team and possibly governors or the Friends of School Association. Here, pupils will share the ideas their Ministry has developed over the half term and give updates on the progress of any whole-school projects. 


The Student Council aims to empower all pupils, not just a select few, to have their voices heard. We aim to encourage discussion around our British Values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Tolerance and Equality when finding out about topics like Women's Suffrage, Petitions and how laws are made.

MP Karl McCartney for Team Manor Leas

Our Local MP, Karl McCartney, recorded a message for the pupils at Manor Leas Junior Academy to discuss the importance of democracy and having their voices heard. This was in advance of our annual Prime Minister election.

Pupil Leadership Team 2020-21

Pupil Leadership Team 2019-20

Our Student Leadership Team 2018-19

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On Friday 5th October 2018, a democratic election was held at Manor Leas Junior Academy. Pupils had to register to vote to have their voices heard.

The vote resulted in three Year 6 pupils taking up a leadership position within school, working alongside the pupils, teachers, Senior Leadership Team, Governors and parents in order to plan to develop and improve our school.

Prime Minister: Grace
Deputy Prime Ministers: Zane and Tabitha

Student Council Organisation

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A brief overview of the organisation of our Student Council.

Pupil Prime Minister Speeches

On Friday 5th October, our eight Year 6 candidates for Prime Minister delivered their speeches in front of the whole school. We filmed their speeches to share with you here.


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