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Manor LeasJunior Academy

Where excellence and enjoyment go hand in hand

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to inspire every child to achieve the highest standards. We will have high expectations for all who learn at our school, both children and adults. Every child will enjoy Reading, Writing and Mathematics so these core areas underpin their belief in success. The wider curriculum will excite learners and challenge their thoughts and opinions developing creative and inquisitive learners. Our vision is for all children to believe in themselves: taking risks and being innovative as they learn each day.

Pupils will have high ambitions for the future, but pupils will also enjoy their learning in the moment. Our vision is that pupils will all be determined, confident and relentless learners which embodies the culture at Manor Leas Junior Academy.



  • We make learning creative and engaging.

  • We exude positive energy, passion and spirit.

  • We are welcoming to all.

  • We have the highest expectations for everybody.

  • We are collaborative and supportive.

  • We are nurturing.

  • We believe in distributed leadership; empowering individuals.

  • We are professional and driven.

  • We have a community of thinking that is based in research.

  • We reflect on practice to be the best we can be.

  • We all have a voice.

  • We have a laugh and enjoy humorous moments.


Our Pledge

At Manor Leas Junior Academy, we have developed a pledge that we recite during some assemblies and during our weekly whole-school Student Council meetings. It reflects our dedication to ourselves and our school to be the very best we can be each day.


We are Team Manor Leas!

We respect ourselves

and all others.

We stay positive

in the face of challenges.

We celebrate each other

and our differences.

We are caring, tolerant and hopeful.

We are determined, innovative and ambitious.

We are Team Manor Leas!

Our Values

At Manor Leas Junior Academy, we believe that our values are part of what makes us who we are: our DNA.

We also develop British Values throughout our curriculum and more information can be seen on the British Values page.