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Year 3

Recently, the Year 3s have been developing their understanding of Whales and have written letters to showcase their knowledge. The letters were written to Sir David Attenborough and the children were so proud of their work. And... the Year 3 team are delighted to announce that David Attenborough has responded to the children's letters! It truly is amazing and we're all so incredibly proud. Well Done Year 3!

The Ancient Greeks

During our Ancient Greece topic we learnt about the Greek Gods, democracy in Athens and the gruelling training regime of a Spartan soldier. We even had our very own Ancient Greek fashion show where we dressed up as slaves, citizens and soldiers! This was all done to ensure we could answer our overarching question: 'Who left the greater legacy, Athens or Sparta?' 

DT WEEK! 3/1/24 - 5/1/24

During DT Week, we have worked towards creating an animal cushion. We have learnt lots of new skills, such as pinning, sewing, cutting and designing. First, we had to investigate which materials we were going to use, we categorised these into best and worst, then it was over to us, we got to design, make and evaluate our own animal cushion.

Our exciting suitcase writing experience

Our Year 3 Classrooms

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