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Admission to Manor Leas Junior Academy is usually in the September following your child’s seventh birthday.

We have excellent links with our feeder schools and every effort is made to ensure a smooth transition from infant to junior school. This includes opportunities for children to visit the school and an information evening for parents.


The admission year 3, intake limit at present is 90 (PAN90). Where the number of applications for places at Manor Leas Junior Academy exceeds the number of spaces, the governors will apply the oversubscription criteria as per the current policy. These are:

  • Children in the care of the Local Authority

  • There is a brother or sister on roll at the school at the time of application

  • The school is the nearest one to the home address (as defined in note 3 in the current policy - see below)

  • The distance from the home to the school, priority will be given to the child living closest to the school (as defined in note 4 in the current policy - see below)


Full details can be seen in the booklet ‘Going to Primary School in Lincolnshire’, which is available from the school or online at


If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Appeals (see page 3 of current Admissions Policy)


The procedures for appeals relating to admissions will be in accordance with all relevant legislation. They are independent and organised by the County Council Legal Services Section and entirely separate from the admission system. The decision of the independent appeal panel is binding on all parties.  Parents can apply online at or call 01522 782030 for a paper form.