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We believe that school uniform helps promote a sense of belonging and pride in our school. We have deliberately made it simple and cost effective in the expectation that all the children will wear it.



Uniform for Pupils

  • Red Manor Leas Sweatshirt or Cardigan (Uniform Direct only)

  • Grey Skirt, shorts or Trousers

  • White blouse/school shirt

  • Manor Leas red/grey stripe tie (Uniform Direct)

  • Black sensible school shoes - no boots, sandals, trainers or heels

  • Please note that 'Summer Dresses' are NOT part of school uniform. Shorts, skirts and short sleeve shirts with ties are appropriate for warmer weather.


PE/ Games

Indoors: Red Manor Leas PE tops (Uniform Direct) & Black Shorts with plimsolls

Outdoors: Similar clothing can be worn for outdoor PE but a warm top may be needed on occasions.

Trainers are ideal for both the playing field and playground.



Children require a swimming costume, towel and swimming hat. Girls must wear a one piece costume. Boys should wear trunks - not swimshorts.


Jewellery and accessories

Sensible bows, headbands and other hair ornaments may be worn if they are in keeping with the school uniform (red, grey, white or black)

Large bows, headbands and distracting hair ornaments (such as animal ears) are not to be worn. 

In the interests of safety, children should not wear jewellery, other than ‘studs’ if ears are pierced. These must be removed for all PE activities including swimming.

Large headwear or hair accessories are not permitted unless worn for religious purposes.


Lost Property

Pupils are responsible for their own personal possessions whilst in school. Please name all items of clothing.



Children should not wear jeans to school

We try hard to prevent children getting glue or paint on clothing but accidents are inevitable. If you wish to provide an apron for art, an old shirt makes a really good (and cheap) cover-all.

Children should not bring toys unless asked to do so for a particular reason.

No makeup or nail varnish is to be worn.

We have just received this information from Uniform Direct and have been asked to share with parents/carers.


"Great news, we are opening our Lincoln High Street store on 15th June in line with Government guidelines but if your parents do need anything before then please direct them to Uniform Direct at Dixon Way where we will be able to assist them.  We will be here Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.


On reopening our stores, we will be following very strict guidelines as set out by the Government.  Please be aware of the following:

  Uniform Direct recommend that parents order online wherever possible. 

The website is:

   A prepaid label is provided on request if incorrect size ordered, or growth spurt before start of school

   All returned items are steamed and isolated prior to resale


Store Service

        1. We will have a socially distanced queue system outside the store.

          2. A member of staff will bring customers into store for one to one service

          3. One Parent with One child only please

          4. There will be NO changing room facilities or trying on or touching of garments

          5. Items will be collected for the customer –Please have a list of items and sizes ready

          6. Customer items will be taken to the till area where there will be floor markings

          7. Card Payments only accepted


Due to the changing environment in the retail sector and for ordering school uniform, we recommend that all uniform is purchased as early as possible, stores will get busy and due to service restrictions queues will be inevitable.  Order online wherever possible and as soon as possible. 


We are still maintaining fast delivery times for online orders but as time moves closer to start of school our delivery times may increase and our stores will still operate a queueing system and a personalised service but no touching policy.