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Physical Education (PE)

Intent - What is the vision?
Here at Manor Leas Junior Academy give children access to a variety of sporting skills, that are then developed and applied to game scenarios, in a range of ways.
We believe that pupils apply their PE/sporting knowledge across many aspects of their day. From their leadership skills at playtimes to problem solving in the classroom.  PE is also interlinked with our other ongoing  strategies for looking after the mental health and wellbeing of pupils. 

Implementation- How does it work across school?

Striver is a teaching tool which enables staff to deliver high quality PE lessons whilst also being a great tool for tracking progress.  We ensure that the content meets the national curriculum, however we have carefully adapted each Striver unit with our pupils in mind, ensuring they are getting a curriculum that meets their needs. Sporting content is taught and delivered strategically so that gross motor skills are developed over time; children can then use and apply them in different scenarios and other sports, differing to the specific sporting unit being taught.


We have a range of sports clubs running at different points of the year such as cricket, running and netball. A football club is run year round for the year 5 and 6's. Training on Tuesday evenings. We compete in league fixtures while also taking part in tournaments, including ones organised by our PE partners at Lincoln City Foundation. 


Lincoln City foundation coaches come into school to offer our children high quality coaching from coaches to whom sport, is their bread and butter. 


Here at Manor Leas Junior academy, we also offer enrichment activities, many of which are often exercise/sport related, including (but not limited to) yoga, circuit training, netball, football, rugby, cricket, street dance, dance, musical theatre and many more. 




Striver Skills Progression Map

Football at Manor Leas: 

After school Football club has continued this year with Year 5s and 6s. We have nearly forty children in attendance. Each week they work on developing their close control, agility, footwork and teamwork. Both the mixed and boys Year 6 teams have competed at multiple tournaments and even featured in their very own Phoenix News article. On a Thursday afternoon, children from Year 6 have been attending Ruston Sport and Social Club to develop their footballing skills with coach Matt.