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Physical Education (PE)

PE timetable




  • To enhance the delivery of PE through internal, expert, coaching. Using Striver but adapting this ,and other session plans, using the experience and knowledge of the coach and subject leader.
  • To teach strategies to enable the mental health and wellbeing of pupils to be an important part of the curriculum.
  • To support the children’s life skills in all areas but particularly sport. (resilience, relationships, health, well-being etc.)
  • To further enhance opportunities in PE and school sports through clubs, enrichments, matches and tournaments. Also, to offer a range of sports which children may not access outside of school (Ping Pong, wheelchair basketball)
  • To encourage active playtimes through sports and other physical activities. Guiding the children to choose new activities to broaden their knowledge and skills by having a football timetable and getting new playground markings. The coach will also be putting on led activities for the children to join in.
  • Lessons to be taught about health, diet and an inspirational figure in the sport or area they are learning.




  • An experienced coach will take all pe lessons to give children high quality coaching and continuity.
  • Lessons will be delivered to children by the coach (some assemblies by the teachers and sports lead) which will cover life skills and mental health awareness.
  • During PPA afternoons, children will (on rotation) have an additional PE session with the internal coach then one lesson per week with the same coach outside of PPA time completing a different sport.
  • Children across the school will attend swimming lessons using Pools for Schools on site.
  • The coach to put on led activities at playtimes.




  • Children will take understanding of life skills into later life. They will be equip with the knowledge of a balanced diet and benefits of sports in building other life skills and better mental health.
  • Vulnerable children will have opportunities to develop their sporting skills in an equitable way.   
  • The children will be intrinsically motivated to play their own games at playtime so that playtimes are enjoyable and active.
  • The school will be prominent in being involved in school sports competitions against other schools, establishing and strengthening our schools connection with others in the local area.
  • More children will be given the chance to take part in sporting activities and this may foster a love for new sports.  
  • Teachers will be knowledgeable about what is being delivered to the children in PE meaning they can bring these subjects into other curriculum areas.

Striver Skills Progression Map

Football at Manor Leas: 

After school Football club has continued this year with Year 5s and 6s. We have nearly forty children in attendance. Each week they work on developing their close control, agility, footwork and teamwork. Both the mixed and boys Year 6 teams have competed at multiple tournaments and even featured in their very own Phoenix News article.