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Year 4

Science Fair!


Last week we had an amazing time at science fair. We created our experiments and a display board to show to parents and scientist!  


Autumn Term 1

We've had such a busy few weeks this term and have been doing many exciting things. In history, we have been learning all about the Vikings and exploring whether they were Ruthless Raiders or Tactful traders. Year 4 had a great time on Garage band creating music to accompany the spells (poems) they made for Lost Words. It was fantastic showing the parents all our hard work.


Welcome Back!

It has been a pleasure to welcome the new Year 4's back to school. We can't wait for the exciting year ahead!


Fiver Challenge

This term, we have begun the Fiver Challenge. It has been a great opportunity for the children to work together to create their own business. 

Blue Day

On Friday, the whole school wore blue to raise awareness and money for multiple sclerosis. Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visitor come in and explain all about it and how it affects peoples lives.


We love reading Varjak Paw. It has been great getting to know the characters through role play and hot seating. There are some lovely bits of suspense in the book and we never want to put it down!



Bug Hotel

What a wonderful first work week back! We have been designing and making our own Bug Hotel, it was so much fun!

Science Experiments

We have had a lovely couple of weeks conducting Science experiments. The children have really enjoyed getting hands on with their learning. 



This half term, we are really lucky to have cricket coaching. We had such a brilliant time yesterday playing in the sun!

Art Week 

We have been studying the work of David Hockney. The children used oil pastels to create beautiful landscape pictures. 



Safer Internet Day

This term, Year 4 have been focusing on internet safety and making the right choices. Thank you for the great resources!

Ancient Egypt - Now Press Play

Year 4 have had the wonderful opportunity to use Now Press Play for their Ancient Egypt topic. They had a great time getting into role play and imagining the life of the Ancient Egyptians. 


We have been relaxing and stretching on a Wednesday afternoon doing some Yoga. What a brilliant way to relax nd focus!



This term we are reading Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll. The children are already enthralled by the book and can't wait to read on! 

Christmas Week

We have had such an exciting week this week celebrating Christmas. The children have been so creative, making Christmas cards and decorations. We had a great day on party day, playing games and eating lots of yummy food. 


This week, year 4 have been so brilliant working together to help edit work their Non-Chronological report. They check each others spellings, punctuation and looked how they could improve their work.

The Vikings

Year 4 have been learning all about the Vikings and their way of life. They have had some hands on experiences of trading and understanding why so many Vikings chose to settle in Britain. There have been lots of opportunities for the children to explore the topic themselves and they've really enjoyed it!

Anti- Bullying Week - Choose Respect

This week has been Anti- Bullying week. At Manor Leas, we have been having some really great discussions about bullying, what to do and who you can speak to. We also discussed what it meant to choose Respect, how to respect others as well as ourselves. 


Exploring Circuits

In Science, we have been exploring electricity and making our own simple series circuits. We also had fun seeing if fruit can replace a battery! 


1968 Day


Today, we are celebrating the 50 years of Manor Leas. It has been a great day comparing lives from then and now, designing toys and dancing to the music of 1968.

Magna Trip

We have been on an amazing trip to the Magna Centre. The children had an brilliant time exploring each of the pavilions; air, earth, wind and fire. We learnt lots about the different elements and how these relate to natural disasters. 

Now Press Play

The term, Year 4 have been learning all about Natural Disasters. We used the 'Now Press Play' equipment to experience and learn all about the natural disaster of Pompeii.

Welcome to Year 4!


Earhhart Class: Mrs Tyas

Keller Class: Mrs Skipworth & Miss Stanney

Newton Class: Miss Grewcock

RE Week

During RE week, Year 4 explored Buddhism and the guidelines Buddhists follow to help them lead good lives. Throughout the week, the children developed discussion skills on a range of thought provoking questions and statements, including 'What does it mean to be good?' Using the Eightfold Path as a starting point, the children reflected and developed their own ideas on what would make the world a better place. They generated their own guidelines that they would like people to follow in order to make the world a better place. The week really brought to light all the deep thinkers of the year group, allowing lots of opportunity for deep, meaningful discussions.

Picture 1
Bug Hunt!

During our Science topic 'Living Things', Year 4 went on a minibeast hunt to search for bugs in their habitat. The children enjoyed being outside and getting their hands dirty while looking for different creatures. On their hunt, insects such as spiders, snails and millipedes were found! The children then studied them in great detail, as well as researching more about their chosen bug, before releasing them back into their habitats.


This work was part of 'The Great Bug Hunt Competition' and a child's work from each class will be chosen to enter.

Picture 1
Picture 2

We've been developing our drama skills during English to create freeze frame of scenes.

We've been developing our drama skills during English to create freeze frame of scenes. 1
We've been developing our drama skills during English to create freeze frame of scenes. 2
We've been developing our drama skills during English to create freeze frame of scenes. 3
We've been developing our drama skills during English to create freeze frame of scenes. 4
We've been developing our drama skills during English to create freeze frame of scenes. 5
We've been developing our drama skills during English to create freeze frame of scenes. 6

Art Week

In Year 4, we have some exceptionally talented pupils. Throughout our 'Art Week', the children demonstrated values such as resilience and teamwork in order to create a final piece of art which was then showcased to parents at our 'Art Gallery'. Using skills including papermache, paint washing and pen sketching, a final piece was created which linked both our text 'Flotsam' and our topic 'Vikings'. 


Everyone worked incredibly hard and had so much fun in the process! Please have a look at the photos below to see what we got up to during our most recent Art Week.


Year 4 had a fantastic trip to Magna Science Park to start our 'Disaster Strikes' topic. Exploring each element individually, the children operated real JCB’s, marveled at a tornado made of fire and even felt the wrath of a hurricane! 

Editing Stations have really helped to improve editing skills in Year 4!

Editing Stations have really helped to improve editing skills in Year 4! 1

Egg-cellent experiment!

As part of our Science topic all about the digestive system, we are being scientists and are investigating what happens to our teeth when we drink different liquids. We couldn't really use real teeth for the experiment, so we're using egg shells instead. We planned our fair test and made our own predictions of what would happen. It was great fun watching what happened to the eggs and we were shocked by some of the results!

Picture 1
Picture 1

Pobble Launch Day


On Wednesday 20th September, we had our Pobble launch in school. The Pobble representative, Mrs Robinson, came in and led a very exciting assembly where we found a mysterious box which contained a pocket watch and a letter from Professor H.

Without a moment to lose, returned to our classrooms and were very eager to get started! After deciding the period in history we would want to visit, we collected vocabulary in groups, using our senses. We then planned our story, using a WAGOLL from Pobble to help us. After break, we were finally able to write our stories. We explored all different eras!  

All in all, it was a wonderful day and we all got to be writers of our own stories. Some of us even got published and you can find our work on!


We are very lucky to have specialist PE coaches teaching us PE this year. We've been outside looking at all the different skills needed to play cricket, such as throwing, catching and fielding.

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Picture 4

The Oakes Information Powerpoint

Curriculum evening powerpoint