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At Manor Leas Junior Academy, all pupils have weekly Latin lessons in order to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the foundations of the English language. We will be using skills learned in our reading and spelling lessons in order to examine a wide variety of Latin vocabulary and make links with English words we still know and use today!  

 By using the 'Minimus' Latin course, pupils are introduced to Latin through exciting lessons that follow the life of a real Roman family, who lived at Vindolanda, a Roman fort just south of Hadrian's wall, in 100AD.  Each lesson is taught through a mixture of comic strips, historical evidence, stories and myths from the Roman and Greek ancient civilisations. The DfE recommend that ‘A linguistic foundation in ancient languages may support the study of modern languages at key stage 3.’ During this course, children will become familiar with vocabulary that will not only support their study of languages at secondary school; but it will also allow children to deepen their understanding of words in their favourite books. For example, JK Rowling used a lot of Latin for the spells and character names in her book series. 

We are supported in our Classics education programme by the charity Classics For All.  We believe that learning Latin gives our children a strong foundation to move to the next stage of their education and study other languages. The study of Latin also support children's understanding of English and, in particular, grammar and etymology (where words come from).