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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Darwin Class: Miss Stanney

Einstein Class: Mr Scott and Mr Ellis

Rowling Class: Miss Watson

Term 4 History: Should it be called History or 'Herstory'?

Term 3 Geography: What impacts do rivers have on our landscape?

Term 3 History : The Industrial Revolution 1760-1901

Does technological advance mean the same as progress?

Art, in the style of Pop Art, inspired by Lincoln’s local architect, Sam Scorer (1923-2003).

Art, in the style of Pop Art, inspired by Lincoln’s local architect, Sam Scorer (1923-2003).  1

Scientific Success! At the end of our Science topic we held a Science Fair to show case our different investigations.

This term our Science topic is 'Out of this World and Forces'

Year 5 went to the Oakes in Sheffield. We took part in team building exercises, individual challenges and we learned about Christian beliefs. 

The Lost Words

The Lost Words 1 Rowling class performing their Otter dance
Our topic this term focuses on the slave trade 1583-1832AD.  By the end of the History unit of work the children will be able to discuss in depth our key question: 'What impact did 'Triangular Trade' have on the world?'

Modern Day Slavery Workshop  came to year 5 to deliver a workshop on modern day slavery.   The children found it really interesting and informative.    The children realised that slavery is  happening today all over the world and is not just historical as in our topic on 'Triangular Trade'.  



Splash Day

Still image for this video
As a reward, the students were given a 'Splash Day'. Collectively, they read over 160 million words! They were rewarded with a Water-relay, water-bomb toss, duck - duck - Splash and a water fight at the end!

M.A.D Day @ North Kesteven Academy!

This week, we took the short journey across to one of our local secondary academies to learn about all things 'real life'!


Starting with P.E, then developing our understanding of water, relationship, street and substance safety, we had a fantastic day learning just what it will be like at secondary school!


Our favourite part was the Virtual Reality, flying around in Space. In addition to this, the chips in the canteen were awesome too!

High School Musical!

This week, students from Sir Robert Pattinson Academy came in to teach us all about their dances & songs from their production of High School Musical. We gave it our best shot!

*NEW* Economics - Knowledge Organiser (May - July 2019)

Visit to the National Space Centre


As part of our Space topic, we were lucky enough to visit the National Space Centre in Leicester!

We learnt all about just what it takes to become an astronaut; drove around replica Mars Rovers, explored the solar system, climbed the 140 stairs to the top of the Rocket Tower & much more!

Our favourite part was 'It's Rocket Science'! We would tell you about that bit... but you'll have to go and find out for yourselves!

DT Week - designing and making moving posters about lifecycles

DT Week - designing and making moving posters about lifecycles  1
DT Week - designing and making moving posters about lifecycles  2

Knowledge organiser - Earth and Space

*NEW* Year 5 Knowledge Organiser - Biology

*NEW* Year 5 Knowledge Organiser - Biology 1



This week, in Biology, we've been learning about exactly what it takes to be able to look after a pet!

From discussions about wild-animals through to more domestic pets, we've discussed pro's and con's and we're now confident to offer others advice. We also create our own nutritional products for dogs. 


Year 5 Knowledge Organiser - Rainforests

Art Week!


During Art Week this week, we studied some of the works of the graffiti Artist - Banksy!


We explored some of his themes and fine-tuned this to create some pieces which related to our rainforest topic. 


On Friday, we then celebrated our hard work with a gallery walk for parents. 



This week, we attended a Year 5 Athletics tournament at the Priory Witham Academy. We won a couple of our heats with ease however didn't quite hit the top marks in the finals. But... we came away with a tremendous 55 points! Well done to all of the teams involved & to our ten ambassadors for Athletics in Year 5!


We've got an incredible culture for Sport here & so many great opportunities!

Word-count Update!


We love reading here at Manor Leas Junior Academy - and especially in Year 5!


So far, we have FOUR word-millionaires!



Einstein Class have currently read just over 6 MILLION words!



Rowling Class have read over 12 MILLION words and are closing in on 13 million very fast!



Darwin class have read just over 8 MILLION words!


- The more children read, the more they know & the more they learn! 

What an impressive culture to have from this super year group!



In Year 5, we've been learning about Rainforests. Due to the fact that many South-American countries speak Spanish, we've invited in Mrs. Wright from North Kesteven Academy - who has been teaching us the basics of Spanish, as well as lots of vocabulary to describe features of the Rainforests. 


English - Writing


Linked to our Rainforest topic, we have been using our descriptive writing skills to create settings that really come alive on the page.     Devices like personification, simile and metaphor all help to make a vibrant image in the reader's mind.    We hope you enjoy reading them!



English: Writing a biography for Alexander the Great!


Linking our writing to our topic of the Greeks, students reviewed some WAGOLLs and examples of biographies, before researching Alexander the Great and writing some fantastic biographies for him!


We then edited and improved one anothers' work across the classes. After this, some students even made it on to Pobble! (This was also on our 'Trainers for Chocolate' day to raise money for our Friends.Of.School.Association)


The Tempest

Still image for this video
As part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, Year 5 pupils performed an abridged version of The Tempest at the Lincoln Drill Hall. All of the lighting and music was designed and performed live by the pupils. They all learnt their lines and parts with enthusiasm and put on an outstanding show.

'I really enjoyed The Tempest because we got to perform onstage in front of an audience. It was amazing getting to watch our performance come together after weeks and weeks of practicing. Overall this was a great opportunity, thank you.' Marnie, Year 5

All of the parents who came to support and watch the children commented on how amazing it was.



As part of our PSHE Curriculum and addressing the importance of Anti-Bullying, students learnt about how to recognise different types of bullying, either as a victim or a peer in the playground. Year 5 also learnt about how to stay safe-online, as well as creating letters with advice for students as a part of the #ChooseRespectoverBullying campaign. 



In Year 5, we've been using our incredible resource of Now>Press>Play to delve into Ancient Athens during the time of the Spartan invasion! We followed the story of a young girl, as she traveled to Sparta to save the Athenian population! This really helped us to step into our topic of Ancient Greece!




In Year 5, we've been using our TAGTIV8 kit to discuss number facts. 

From addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, we've also ordered and compared numbers!


To find out more about this, visit:




In Year 5, we've been using Developing Experts, learning all about experiments to discuss materials. We've looked a strength & toughness, through to irreversible and reversible changes!


We've also written up all of our findings using our rocket words such as 'absorbent'. 




In Year 5, students were given the opportunity to apply for our new Mini-Police scheme, which Lincolnshire Police are supporting us with. We were all given the opportunity to vote for five students in Year 6, whilst they voted for us!


We'll have five officers from Year 5 supporting patrols in school & the local community from the beginning of October 2018!

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

In Year 5, we've been learning all about Global Goals for Sustainable Development!


We created our own map of the UK, inputting our own goal-related projects such as affordable housing, hospitals, protected nature sites & sources of renewable energy, before creating personal pledges to be the change in the world!


Shakespeare - The Tempest

To kick-start the new year, we are learning 'The Tempest' by Shakespeare. We are currently learning 'all things Shakespeare' and rehearsing to prepare for a performance at The Lincoln Drill Hall - part of the Shakespeare for Schools Festival!


We've held auditions and will soon be announcing the cast!


Our weekly homework is:

  • 30+ minutes of reading per night (students have both short and longer AR books to read from and quiz on)
  • Weekly revision in CGP Y5 Maths books.
  • Fortnightly Spelling homeworks in Orange RWI5 books.


Additional home learning can be found here at:




We've just started a new Year!

We've just started a new Year! 1

Shakespeare for Schools Festival Letter