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Key Stage 2 Ready Checklist

At Manor Leas Junior Academy, we want to support parents and carers to understand the high expectations set out both by external agencies (DfE, Ofsted) and within our school. This list recognises some aspects that we would expect our pupils to achieve either academically, socially or emotionally.


We have developed a Key Stage 2 Ready Checklist in line with end of Key Stage 1 expectations for where pupils should be at the end of Year 2. This checklist is sent to children's previous school so that we can better understand our pupils' starting points and areas to develop.


Key Stage 2 Ready Checklist


  1. Can chant the 2, 5 and 10 times tables
  2. Can read accurately and fluently at their expected age
  3. Can write sentences that make sense and correctly punctuate with capital letters and full stops
  4. Can correctly spell the 100 high frequency words
  5. Can sound out and blend words using phonic knowledge
  6. Can work independently on a task for 10 minutes or more
  7. Can take a leading role within a team
  8. Can be a responsible monitor or helper
  9. Can confidently interact with their peers
  10. Can talk with adults confidently
  11. Can express themselves in front of an audience
  12. Can look people in the eye and hold conversation
  13. Can get changed for PE independently
  14. Can make friends and show empathy