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Our Staff

We have a fantastic team of staff here at Manor Leas Junior Academy. On this page you can see everyone who works in the school. If you need to get in contact with any member of staff, please visit the Contact Us page or speak to a member of the Admin team. Parents/Carers, you can contact your child’s class teacher through Class Dojo.

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Headteacher: Mr James Greenwood
Senior Leadership Team 2 Assistant Headteacher/SENCo: Miss Sarah Greenfield
Senior Leadership Team 3 Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Chelsea Sandbrook
Senior Leadership Team 4 Assistant Headteacher: Mr Greg Scott

Year 3 Team

Year 3 Team 1 Class Curie : Mrs J Denny (Year Leader)
Year 3 Team 2 Class Shakespeare : Miss H Watson (Year Leader)
Year 3 Team 3 Class Nightingale: Miss E Taylor
Year 3 Team 4 Additional Teacher: Mr T Smith
Year 3 Team 5 Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Cousens

Year 4 Team

Year 4 Team 1 Class Newton: Miss A Grewcock (Year Leader)
Year 4 Team 2 Class Earhart: Mrs J Tyas
Year 4 Team 3 Class Keller: Miss L Stanney
Year 4 Team 4 Mrs S Skipworth (maternity leave)
Year 4 Team 5 Teaching Assistant: Mrs L. Lightfoot
Year 4 Team 6 Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Wass

Year 5 Team

Year 5 Team 1 Class Darwin: Mr R Belt (Year Leader)
Year 5 Team 2 Class Einstein: Mr G Scott (AHT)
Year 5 Team 3 Class Rowling: Miss E Williamson
Year 5 Team 4 Additional Teacher: Mr B Hockin
Year 5 Team 5 Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Chester

Year 6 Team

Year 6 Team 1 Class Churchill: Miss D Collishaw (Year Leader)
Year 6 Team 2 Class Pankhurst: Mrs L Greene
Year 6 Team 3 Class Mandela: Mrs C Sandbrook
Year 6 Team 4 Class Mandela: Mrs H McFaul
Year 6 Team 5 Teaching Assistant: Ms A Patterson
Year 6 Team 6 Teaching Assistant: Miss W Mount

Sports Coach

Sports Coach 1 Mr J Cairns

Administration Team

Administration Team 1 School Business Manager: Mrs V Killeen
Administration Team 2 Administrator: Mrs S Beeson
Administration Team 3 Receptionist: Miss D Ashton
Administration Team 4 Administrator: Mrs K Piper

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Midday Controller: Miss D Ashton
Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Mrs V Bell
Lunchtime Supervisors 3 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Mrs E Bailey
Lunchtime Supervisors 4 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Miss S Menzies
Lunchtime Supervisors 5 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Ms M North
Lunchtime Supervisors 6 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Ms A Patterson
Lunchtime Supervisors 7 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Ms J Chester
Lunchtime Supervisors 8 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Mrs L Lightfoot
Lunchtime Supervisors 9 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Mrs J Fairweather
Lunchtime Supervisors 10 Midday Supervisory Assistant: Miss W Mount

Midday Supervisory Assistant -                                       

           Mrs J Holley