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Manor LeasJunior Academy

Where excellence and enjoyment go hand in hand


We believe that school uniform helps promote a sense of belonging and pride in our school. We have deliberately made it simple and cost effective in the expectation that all the children will wear it.



Children should not wear jeans to school

We try hard to prevent children getting glue or paint on clothing but accidents are inevitable. If you wish to provide an apron for art, an old shirt makes a really good (and cheap) cover-all.

Children should not bring toys unless asked to do so for a particular reason.

No makeup or nail varnish is to be worn.


Uniform for Girls

  • Red Sweatshirt, Cardigan or Jumper

  • Black/Grey Skirt or Trousers

  • White blouse or Red/White Polo Shirt

  • Red Check, Summer dress

  • Black sensible shoes - some fashions particularly those with high soles/heels are dangerous and might easily cause injury


Uniform for Boys

  • Red Sweatshirt or Jumper

  • Black/Grey Trousers or shorts

  • White Shirt or Red/White Polo Shirt

  • Black shoes


PE/ Games

Indoors: Plain, White T Shirts & Black Shorts

Outdoors: Similar clothing can be worn for outdoor PE but a warm top may be needed on occasions.

Trainers are ideal for both the playing field and playground.



Children require a swimming costume, towel and swimming hat. Girls must wear a one piece costume. Boys should wear trunks - not swimshorts.


Jewellery and accessories

In the interests of safety, children should not wear jewellery, other than ‘studs’ if ears are pierced. These must be removed for all PE activities including swimming.

Large headwear or hair accessories are not permitted unless worn for religious purposes.


Lost Property

Pupils are responsible for their own personal possessions whilst in school. Please name all items of clothing.