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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Churchill Class: Miss Collishaw

Mandela Class: Mrs McFaul/Miss Stanney 

Pankhurst Class: Mrs Greene

School trip

This week, we had the opportunity to visit 'Activities Away' in South Hykeham. This was a reward trip as the year 6 children have worked incredibly hard all year. Throughout the day, they had the chance to experience a range of activities: archery, team games, problem solving, paddle-boarding, kayaking and open-water swimming. The children even managed to have some 'free' time in the water at the end and some were brave enough to jump right in. Please take a look at the slideshow below, which is full of photos from this trip.


Well done year 6 - your behaviour and attitude on the day was exemplary.

SATs information evening

Please feel free to have a look through the PowerPoint, which outlines the key expectations for year 6 pupils and how their progress will be assessed with the national end of key stage tests (SATs).


Art Week

Our topic this half term has been about 'life during WWII'. During Art Week, we focused on The Blitz and learned all about what life would have been like during that time. We started the week off by looking at Blitz windows and tried to create a scene from within a house, which focused on the view out of the  window. We had to use our sawing skills to create the frame, collage-skills to create the background image and we even made mini curtains. The next thing we worked on was a 'Blitz skyline' where we used pastels for the background and shaded silhouettes of a city skyline to go on top. Finally, we wrote effective setting descriptions of a city during the Blitz and came up with pencil sketches to go with them.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

WWII Topic


This term we have been learning all about WWII. We started by finding out who Adolf Hitler was and writing a short biography. We found out about what 'The Holocaust' was and shared ideas on what life must have been like. During English, we wrote some really effective setting descriptions about a concentration camp. We then went on to plan and write a narrative about a Jewish child's journey to the dreaded camp and what they were faced with when they arrived. 

Our class text this term is 'Once' by Morris Gleitzman and it's all about a Jewish boy who escapes an orphanage to find his parents. The story is told from the boy's - Felix's - perspective and some of us have been so 'hooked' that we've gone on to read the next few books in the series. Having this class text has allowed us to gain some background knowledge from a child's viewpoint, which has, in turn, benefited our writing. To read some of the year 6 writing, check it out on Pobble as many have had their work published! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

White Hall Residential


Year 6 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on a 2-night residential trip to White Hall, which is located in Derbyshire. There were a few overall aims of the trip: to learn how to work well as a team; to  challenge themselves outside of their comfort zones and to develop independence.


During the 3 days spent at White Hall, the children were given the opportunity to take part in a range of activities: rock scrambling, stream scrambling, zip wiring, rope climbing, night hiking and team-building games. Every child challenged themselves to take part in as much as they could and thoroughly enjoyed being in the outdoors. 


Please feel free to have a look at the video below if you want to see photos of the children in action.

White Hall Residential 2017

Still image for this video

Art Week


During Art Week, we learned all about 'Andy Goldsworthy' who is a famous British sculpturer, photographer and environmentalist. He is famous for creating land art from natural resources in urban settings. A lot of his artwork is produced using materials such as flowers, mud, leaves, twigs pebbles, pine cones, bark, grass, etc. Most of his work is created outside and is intended to be temporary; he photographs it and allows it to remain in the natural environment to decay at its own rate.

As a year group, we collected some natural resources and created our own sculptures. Like Andy, we then took photos of our work at the end. Some of us even moved on to create some natural-looking collages using different coloured pieces of paper. The results were very effective! Take a look at some of our work below...



Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 1
Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 2
Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 3
Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 4
Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 5

Knowledge organiser for Autumn 2 topic - Castaway

This half term, in English, we are reading a book called 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo. All of our comprehension and writing tasks will revolve around this book. So far, we have met the main character 'Bertie' and have yet to find out what is so special about 'The Butterfly Lion'. Last week, we read chapter 3 (which was set in Africa) and picked out all of the effective vocabulary which would be relevant to an African Veld setting description. We used dictionaries to find out what the vocabulary meant and worked hard to 'up-level' some of it using a thesaurus. This week, we will plan and write our setting descriptions and aim to include as much of that vocabulary as possible. Later in the week, 5 of the best ones from each class will be chosen to be published on Pobble.

English - building vocabulary

English - building vocabulary 1
Our topic this half term is 'Aspirations'. We are learning all about what a 'career' is and what it means to aspire for one. We started off by discussing the different careers available before thinking about a particular one which suits us. Once we had decided on the career we would like to aspire to, we noted down all the relevant skills and attributes which were relevant to that job. Finally, this week we used that information to write our own CV.

Topic (Aspirations) - Writing a CV

Topic (Aspirations) - Writing a CV 1

Curriculum evening powerpoint

Spelling homework list 5

Spelling homework list 4

Spelling homework list 3

Spelling homework list 2

Spelling homework list 1