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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Darwin Class: Mr Belt and Miss Stanney

Einstein Class: Mr Scott 

Rowling Class: Mrs Skipworth

Art Week


This term we have been studying the wordless picture book 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan.  He is an incredible illustrator who creates imagined worlds, cities and animals.  In The Arrival he uses pencil drawings to tell the story.  In art week we have created our own animals, developed our shading techniques and designed our own front covers.  

Picture 1

Supporting Syrian Refugees


This week we have be learning about Syrian refugees, inspired by our wordless picture book, The Arrival, by Shaun Tan. We looked at the difficult situations that could cause someone to leave their home and become a refugee, and the journey they might take. Discovering that many people leave most of their belongings behind and travel across entire countries in order to seek the safety that we often take for granted, lead us to empathise with the refugees, and what we could do ourselves, to help these people; planning to raise money in the very near future in order to send aid to these refugees.

What do Hindus believe?


We learnt a lot about the Hindu religion in R.E. week, which was based on the idea that Brahman is everywhere. We studied the different representations of Brahman and discussed how we would feel if we believed that we were always being watched by someone who wanted to protect us and keep us safe. We enjoyed being able to share our different beliefs with the rest of the class and even ended the week by having a few minutes to meditate.


LIVES workshops


LIVES is the Lincolnshire charity that supports 700+ highly trained and dedicated volunteers who get to their neighbours fast to deliver vital care in those first critical moments of a medical emergency before handling over to the ambulance service.  LIVES delivered training to the whole school.   We all really enjoyed the experience of learning some key life-saving skills.

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We have hit the ground running in Year 5, using TAGTIV8 to support our learning in Maths whilst increasing our levels of Physical Activity. 

Number generation occurs through various retrieval/tag games before we are given tasks revolving around ordering numbers, fractions and calculations!


It's a fantastic new scheme and the students are loving it!

Our Friction Experiment 


In science, we have been learning about forces and this week our focus was friction. We planned out our

friction experiment and discussed which surface would cause the most friction out of: table top, grass, concrete, whiteboard and carpet. We then carried out our experiment by dragging a shoe across each surface with a Newton meter. We found that a lot of our results differed and we contemplated on why this might be.

We had a lot of fun and we learnt a lot about working scientifically. We planned a fair test and discussed

our variables. We made our predictions and recorded our results and then wrote out our conclusions. We also pondered on why our results were different from our predictions. Some of us thought that the muddier parts of the field may have caused more friction and others considered whether the painted areas of the concrete may have caused less friction. It was a lesson full of discussions!

Learning about the Ancient Greeks


Year 5 children have been enjoying learning about Ancient Greece. We looked into what Greece is like today and made some fantastic brochures. This week we have been finding out about some of the key events during this historical period. We sorted out the events in chronological order and then discussed which events we thought were the most significant for the Ancient Greeks.

We've learn a lot about how the Olympic games started and who Alexander the Great was but we still had

so many questions! We wrote all of these questions down on post it notes and stuck them to our Greek display to be answered throughout this term.

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Pobble Launch Day


On Wednesday 20th September, we had our Pobble launch in school. Mrs Robinson, the Pobble representative, came in and led an exciting assembly where we found a mysterious box containing a pocket watch and a letter from Professor H. The professor informed us that the stop watch would allow us to time travel to any time of our choice and that today we would be exploring that possibility through our writing. We were very eager to get started!

We returned to our classrooms and got straight to work! After deciding when we would want to visit, we

collected vocabulary on our word walls and wrote some fantastic sentences. We then thought of a title for our story just in time for break. Some of us wanted to stay in and continue with our writing!

Once the bell went, we explored some different ways to hook our readers in. We were then finally able to

begin our stories. Some of us visited the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks or Romans. Others explored the Stone Age, the Victorian times, saved the Titanic from sinking, went to Lincoln Football Club's first game or experienced the 1920s. A few of us even decided to wander through the future and see what the world might be like in a few decades time. 

All in all, it was a wonderful day and we all got to be writers of our own stories. Some of us even got

published and you can find our work on!