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The Curiosity Club

Our journeys to Curiosity have well and truly commenced here atManor Leas Junior Academy!

In Year 5, we're working on our challenges every Friday. However,students in Years 4 & 6 have the fantastic opportunity of partakingin a lunch-time and then after-school club, which will take them ona journey through 3000 years of history!

Curiosity Club is unique because it empowers the learner andenables them to exercise choice.

Pupils undertake challenges (from a selection of hundreds!) asthey choose their own journey through history. They travel alongand hop between lines that represent Science, Culture, Rights,Sport, Nature and History. There are literally thousands of possibleroutes they could choose.

Challenges are returned in a wide variety of formats; videos, newsreports, technical diagrams, model making and even as writtenwork!

Please see the link below for more details, if your child would liketo join the Y6 after-school club, please ask them to speak to theirclass teacher!

Spaces are filling up quick so be sure jump on this journey soonerrather than later!

I can't wait to see the different journeys that all the studentsundertake, as well as the amazing projects they will create!