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Pobble Day!

It's our Pobble Day on Wednesday 20th September! Pobble is all about making writing ridiculously exciting and giving our pupils the chance to be published authors! We will have a full day of writing workshops to launch the project in school- as well as a fantastic Celebration Assembly.

Pobble got off to a great start last year when one of our currentpupils had her work read by, commented on and enjoyed byauthor Anthony Horowitz! Please see the Pobble page on ourwebsite for more info.

Year 3/4 will be bringing home permission letters today. Please dofill them in and return them on Monday Year 5/6 had them lastterm, but if you need another please do ask your class teacher.Alternatively, you can check your email as we will be sendingreminders to give permission to publish their work.

We want to give all our children the opportunity to be published authors, so please do send your permission slip back. Have a lovely weekend!