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MLJA Pupils Raise Money for MS Awareness!

A group of Year 4 pupils from Keller class (Hannah, Eloise, Ella, Zoey and Delilah) showed inspiring qualities when they decided they wanted to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS week is in April and the girls wanted more people to be aware of this condition. The girls gave a fantastic presentation to the school-providing information about the condition. Hannah’s mum (Emma Moger-Smith) has this condition and came into Year 4 to share her experience with the illness and gave a powerful presentation. MS is also close to Ella’s heart as she has a family member, who deals with this on a daily basis.

They had the idea of all wearing blue for one day (to represent MS as it is in their logo) and contributing a voluntary donation. In total, through the girls’ fundraiser, Manor Leas raised £237.80 on this one day. 

Thank you again to Emma Moger-Smith for coming in to visit us. It was so touching to hear your story. Thank you to the girls for your selfless act of kindness and for all those who made a contribution to the fundraiser. You have all taken part in making a difference to someone’s life today.