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History and Geography

We have developed a bespoke knowledge-rich curriculum which gives children access to broad knowledge in History and Geography. We have a well sequenced programme that builds knowledge, vocabulary and understanding of Key Themes throughout Key Stage 2. This sequencing ensures that knowledge is remembered over the long-term. We ensure that contents meet the national curriculum, however have designed each unit with our pupils in mind ensuring they are getting a curriculum which meets their needs. Content is planned and delivered strategically so that abstract concepts, our Key Themes, are covered in different contexts over time. For example, the Key Theme of 'empire' is initially developed through learning about Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome in Year 3 and is again studied in Year 4 when pupils discover the Mughal Empire of India, in Year 5 when finding out about The British Empire and in Year 6 when learning about World War 2, which provides contrasting views of the idea of an 'empire'. Pupils use their studies in these subjects to develop their writing and many units of work will contain essays for children to write based on what they have learned. We have high expectations for what children will know and remember in each subject.

Manor Leas History and Geography Curriculum Overviews